As a close-knit, personal department–and as creators of art that relies on human empathy–we aspire to create a community built on respect, belonging, collaboration, and creativity.  As artists invested in exploring multiple perspectives and fostering social justice, we embrace the value of all people. We therefore reject any form of bigotry, discrimination, or hatred, and we seek to cultivate an environment in which our differences are explored with generosity and openness. 

Diversity and inclusion are inherent to a liberal arts education and crucial to the Department of Theatre and Dance. These values are magnified in class, rehearsal, play selection, casting, and our many other collaborative artistic processes, as we value distinctive voices from a range of cultural and personal perspectives. Embracing Wake’s university mission, the department “believes in the development of the whole person: intellectual, moral, spiritual, and physical.” Within that development, diversity is an irreplaceable educational asset.