31 August 2022

Egyptian Performance Designer Héba Elkomy

At World Stage Design 2022, hosted at the University of Calgary in August, Associate Professor for the Department of Theatre & Dance, and Chair of OISTAT‘s Performance Design Commission, Rob Eastman-Mullins, announced the selected designer of the aWAKEn International Scenic Design Competition. Egyptian designer, Héba Elkomy’s design for Silent Sky was selected to be developed and produced on the Tedford Main Stage this coming Spring. Héba will work from a distance with director and Professor of Theatre, Cindy Gendrich, and the rest of the production team to adapt her handsome design for Wake’s stage before being in residence for two weeks on the Reynolda campus, leading up to opening night.

A glimpse of Héba’s design can be seen below. Originally designing for the Ring Theatre, Héba agreed to move her design to the Tedford where Cindy and the other judges thought it would be better realized.

The aWAKEn International Design Competition is sponsored by the Department of Theatre & Dance as a project out of OISTAT and its Performance Design Commission.

Keep an eye on this space for more information throughout the school year.

Digital sketch of Héba Elkomy’s Silent Sky concept; originally conceived for the Ring.
Digital rendering of a scene from Héba Elkomy’s design for Silent Sky.

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