Course of Study for Theatre Majors and Minors

A major in theatre consists of a minimum of thirty-six hours, including:

110 Introduction to Western Theatre (3hr);  or 111 Introduction To Theatre  (3 hr)
140 Acting I (3hr)
145 Voice and Movement For Actors (3hr)
150 Introduction to Design & Production (4hr)

Select one of the following:
250 Theatrical Scene Design;
251 Costume Design
252 Lighting (3hr)
253 Sound and Projections for Theatre (3hr)

310 History of Western Theatre I (3hr)
311 History of Western Theatre II (3hr)
341 Directing I (3hr)

+ Select a Dramatic Literature course.

Select one of the following options

Option 1:
THE 100 Participation (four semesters)

Option 2:
THE 100 Participation (three semesters)
THE 110L Intro to Theatre-Lab

Select the remaining courses from offerings at the 200 level or higher listed in theatre, or select one of the following:

DCE 202 History of Dance
DCE 203 20th-Century Modern Dance History
DCE 223 Dance Composition

A minimum GPA of 2.0 in all theatre courses attempted is required for graduation.  Majors will participate in senior assessment, including submission of a portfolio.  Majors should consult with their advisers about additional regulations.  No more than three hours of THE 294 may be counted toward the 36 hours required for the major; up to a maximum of nine hours or three courses of THE 294 may be counted beyond the 36 hours in the major.  Those who plan to be theatre majors are urged to begin their studies during their first year.

Highly qualified majors (Departmental GPA of 3.3, overall GPA of 3.0) are invited by the department to apply for admission to the honors program in theatre. To be graduated with the designation “Honors in Theatre”, a student must successfully complete THE 399 (3hr) with a grade of B or better.  Honors projects may consist of a) a research paper of exceptional quality; b) a creative project in playwriting or design; or c) a directing or acting project.  The Theatre Honors project must be presented and defended before the departmental Honors Committee. The Department can furnish Honors candidates with complete information on preparation and completion of projects.

Double Majors

Some Theatre majors wish to double major. Such a plan of study should be prepared in consultation with advisers from both major areas from the earliest possible opportunity. Theatre students have found it possible to successfully double major in any other subject with the exception of Music and Art.

Theatre Minors

A minor in theatre requires twenty hours:

110 Introduction to the Theatre (3hr);  or 111 Introduction To Theatre  (3 hr)
140 Acting I (3hr)
150 Introduction to Design & Production (4hr)
310 History of Western Theatre I;  or 311 History of Western Theatre II (3hr)

One THE elective at the 200 level or higher, or DCE 202, 203 or 223
One course in dramatic literature
Two semesters of THE 100, or one semester of THE 100 plus THE 110L

Select a dramatic literature course.

See course listings in the current Undergraduate Bulletin

Study Abroad

Many Theatre majors are interested in study abroad programs and we encourage and support that. Students should be aware of course sequences and rotating class offerings as they plan their studies. Theatre majors will generally study abroad in their sophomore year.