To satisfy graduation requirements, a student must select one, and only one, of the following options, which will receive official recognition on the student’s permanent record:

  1. A single major
  2. A single major and a minor
  3. A single major and a double minor
  4. A single major and a triple minor
  5. A double major
  6. A double major and a minor

To graduate with option 4 or 6 a student must complete a minimum of 135 hours instead of the usual 120.

Theatre majors often select a second major or a minor from the Communication, English, or Women’s and Gender Studies departments. Current students and recent graduates have combined a Theatre major or minor with majors in Russian, Education, Computer Science, Chinese, French, Health and Exercise Science, History, Accountancy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Chemistry. Find links to all academic program information at the Academic Programs page.