Technical Specifications for Theatres

Administrative – 336-758-5294
Scene Shop – 336-758-5296
Box Office – 336-758-5295
Costume Shop – 336-758-5083

Mailing Address:
Wake Forest University Theatre
Post Office Box 7264
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109-7264

Shipping Address:
Wake Forest University Theatre
219 Scales Fine Arts Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27109

I. Building Location
The theatres are located in the Scales Fine Arts Center on the campus of Wake Forest University.  Access and parking are off Allen Easley Street.

From I-4O (business) travel North on Silas Creek Parkway for approximately 5 miles. Take the Wake Forest exit (bear right) and continue straight through the intersection with Reynolda Road onto the Wake Forest campus. Allen Easley Street is the first left off of Wake Forest Drive after entering campus. Parking Lot Q is the first right turn. Theatre and Dance are in the lower wing to the right of the sidewalk.

II. Key Personnel:

Theatre Manager: Jonathan Christman
Office 336-758-5995

Technical Director: Thomas Williams
Office 336-758-5296

III. Loading Dock and Door

A. Door Size 10′ wide 12′ high

B. Location through parking lot Q, off of Allen Easley Street. Theatre loading dock is the lower dock.

C. Dock Height 40″.

D. Stage Access through scene shop off stage Left. Total distance from dock is 60′.

E. Parking adjacent to Theatre in Parking Lot Q. (free)

IV. Mainstage (Proscenium)

A. Seating 344 (2 handicapped seats)

B. Aisles Two aisles dividing the seating into three sections

C. Access to Stage Stairs on either side.

General Stage Dimensions

V. Dimensions

A. Sidewalls of the House 39 feet wide, ceiling 27′ high.
Border on line 1 can close down height.

B. Curved Proscenium 36′ wide (walls are 28′ feet high)
soft masking can forms top

C. Sliding Panels Can close proscenium width to 20 feet.

D. Stage Depth 32 feet from back of curved proscenium.

E. Wing Space 28 feet wide, 22 feet high.

F. Orchestra Pit 27 feet wide, 8 feet deep curved front and back.
Hydraulic, maximum depth 12′ 6″. Controlled Stage Left Deck.

G. Annular Ring controlled Stage manager’s console Stage Left
inner radius 9 feet
outer radius 16 feet

H. Traps 4 total. 4’x4′ each. located in the center of the annular ring.

I. Flyhouse 54′ wide, 67 feet high.

VI. Fly System
42 Linesets Single Purchase Counterweight system. All battens trussed.

Controlled Stage right deck.
Standard Battens are 52 long.
Exceptions are Electrics Line 3 and 5
Battens 4 & 6 are curved for the Grand Drape
Battens 12, 16, 32 are double battens (electrics)

VII. Electrics
A. Permanent Electric Linesets Line 2
Line 5 (short)
Line 12 (double pipe)
Line 16 (double pipe)
Line 22
Line 28
Line 32 (cyc strips)

B. Front of House Positions Beam Top and Bottom pipe
Slots Above Audience entry
Torms Behind Side Walls

C. ETC Sensor DimmerDimmers 1.2 K

323- 20 amp circuits (twist lock)
including 6 6 circuit drop boxes & floor pockets.

D. Houselights may be controlled from Stage, Booth or Front of House.

E. Control Electronic Theatre Controls
with Remote focus unit. Board is located in booth upstairs back of house.

F. House lights There are two circuits of house lights and a third of aisle and sound lock lights. All may be controlled by the lighting board, or have a panic switch.

G. Cyc Lights 4 circuit glass overhead striplights.

VIII. Sound
Note: Sound reinforcement is generally not used in this space. The Theatre does not have the equipment to mic the stage or the performers.

A. Mixer Soundcraft 24 Channel Studio Spirit

B. Amplifiers 8 Carver PM-350
Control booth 2 Carver PM-100

C. Cassette 2 JVC (Dolby Hx Pro)

D. Compact Disk Player XL-V261

E. Sony Mini-Disk Player MDS-JE510

F. Computer IBM 300PL w/ CD player, 1cdrw, 3.5 floppy.
Software: Sound Forge 4.5, SFX, Adaptec CD direct, MS Explorer and Network access for campus users.

G. House Speakers 4 each mounted on side walls.

H. Stage Speakers 2 each EAW 253

I. Monitor Speakers 4 each portable monitors

IX. Monitor/ Headsets

A. Headsets 5 each wired Clearcom Single Muff Headsets

B. Monitor Stage sound is electronically monitored to booths, greenroom & dressing rooms.

C. Audience A phonic -ear hearing system is available from the box office.

X. Theatre Soft Goods (not to be moved)

A. Full stage Blacks Line 10 Traveler
Line 30 Traveler

B. Main Curtain Line 4 Grand Valence
Line 6 Main Drape (curved track)

C. Blue Cyc Line 43

D. Borders Line 1
Line 14
Line 20
Line 26

E. Legs 4 pairs 32′ high 9′ feet wide.

F. Side Masking To mask Stage right & Stage Left wings located on tracks.

XI. Dressing Rooms & Related Spaces

A. Ground Level 2 each 2 person with Mirrors/ toilet

B. Upstairs 3 each 10 person with Mirrors/toilet/ shower

C. Greenroom Ground level with limited kitchen facilities

D. Warm-up room with barre and Mirrors

XII. Costume Shop
The costume shop facilities include pressing, steaming, washing and drying facilities. Prior arrangements must be made for an extra wardrobe staff member for a company to have access to these facilities.

XIII. Properties
Generally, the properties stock is not available for visiting productions.
XIV. Ring Theatre

A. Audience Seating 112 total in 3 Sections.

B. Acting Area is approximately 26′ wide x 25’deep.

C. Entrances are two side Voms and two Downstage voms. These Entrances are also shared by audience and MAY NOT be obstructed with scenery or properties.

XV. Lighting
A. Dimmers are 2.4K Dimmer per circuit system.

B. Control Electronic Theatre Controls
ETC Expression III

C. Repertory plot for 9 Basic areas and 3 Upstage areas.

D. Instruments Repertory plot of
72 ETC Source 4
12 6″ fresnels
limited specials may be added.

XVI. Sound
A) Mixer Mackie 16 channel CR 1604

B) 6 Amplifiers

C) Computer IBM 300PL w/ CD player, 1cdrw, 3.5 floppy.
Software: Sound Forge 4.5, SFX, Adaptec CD direct, MS Explorer and Network access for campus users.

D)Reel to Reel Otari reel to reel 7.5 ips & 15 ips

E) cassette two JVC cassette decks

F) Compact Disc one JVC compact disk player

G) Sony Minidisk player

H) 4 Grid Mounted Speakers.

Questions? E-mail the Technical Director.