University Theatre

See also: Technical Specifications for Performance Spaces

Since 1942, the University Theatre has offered plays and musicals encompassing a variety of periods and styles to both the public and the campus while providing an opportunity for students to complement their classroom studies with practical exposure to performing and producing plays.

Productions are an essential aspect of teaching theatre. The rehearsal and production process place faculty and students in close contact exploring the richness of the text, developing characters, and designs. The dynamics of the group collaboration, sharing, scheduling and problem solving make the experience of participating in a production a profound one. The production group is creating a one-of-a kind product, a performance for the audience, though the participants deriving a voluble experience from the process.

We welcome students and members of the University Community to come join us in our theater production process. Auditions are open to all and there are design and backstage opportunities available as well.

University Theatre Professional Staff

Jonathan Christman Director of University Theatre  336-758-5995 215D
Thomas Williams Technical Director  336-758-5296 128A
Alice Barsony Costume Studio Manager  336-758-5083 132
Clare Parker Costume and Wardrobe Assistant  336-758-5083 132
Leslie Spencer Audience Services Coordinator  336-758-1997 116A

Technical Specifications for Performance Spaces

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