Fourteen Lines project

Posted on: November 19, 2020

Fourteen Lines for NowShakespeare cartoon

Please join us for an exciting, theatrical project – we plan to present a recorded Shakespearean sonnet a day during the Spring 2021 semester.

How will this work?

Each interested actor will choose a sonnet to work on during the first part of the semester.  After pieces have been coached, staged, and recorded, one sonnet performance will be released each day by Wake Forest University Theatre.

Who can be involved?


If you would like to join us as an actor, you are committing to attending Zoom workshops and private coaching sessions with Brook as you develop your piece.  NO AUDITIONS REQUIRED!

If you would like to work behind the scenes to help us stage and record some of the pieces, we can certainly use your expertise/willingness to learn.

Can I work on this project and still be involved in other theatre projects during the Spring?


How can I sign up?

Contact Brook Davis ( and let her know how you would like to be involved by December 1.  This will allow us to begin to plan the calendar, how many sonnets will be presented, when we can have our Zoom workshops, etc.


Don’t hesitate to contact Brook (